Dead Man's Curve: 3 studies you need to know and what we’re doing about them

Published June 11, 2019

If you are reading this, you most likely have a loss of your cervical (neck) curve.  Read these 3 studies to find out why it is so imperative that we work together as a team to get this corrected as though your life depended on it- judging by these studies, it does!

1.  Shrinking 3 centimeters increases risk of heart attack by 68%

Dec 2016 Spine Journal- Men who grow shorter as they age are at increased risk for heart disease and death, a new British study says.  The 20-year study of 4,213 men -- who were 60 to 79 years old when the study ended -- found that those who'd lost 3 centimeters or more of height were about 64 percent more likely to die from coronary heart diseases events than men who lost less than 1 centimeter of height.

2.  Could that hump on your back be killing you?  

In an October 2014 study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, forward head syndrome was found to significantly increase the likelihood of death. Further studies found humpback syndrome to both increase Uterine Prolapse and decreased physical function and mobility. Study found affected more female than male.

3.  Loss of curve causes demyelination of the spine & decreased blood flow to your brain.  Results:  There is a significant correlation between the kyphotic angle (loss of curve) and the degree of spinal cord flattening. The spinal cord was compressed most intensely at the apex of the kyphosis, where demyelination was observed.  Progressive loss of arch in the cervical spine resulted in degeneration of nerve fibers, chronic compression of the spinal cord, and decreased blood flow through the carotid arteries leading to decreased lifespan.  (Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, School of Medicine)

New research studies like these come out almost every week.  That is why we’ve been taking an intensive spinal correction certification program to stay on the cutting edge of getting you well and keeping you well.  We can now get results that we could only dream of 5 years ago! 

3 things you can do to stop “dead man’s curve”:

  1. Stay on track with your adjustments.  If you ever miss a visit, you don’t stay where you are.  You go backwards.  Keep up your schedule at all costs. Makeup that missed visit when necessary. 
  2. Make sure you are doing your spinal homecare daily.  Restoring the curve to your neck is difficult and impossible without your homecare.  
  3. Maintain your spine for the rest of your life.  Correcting your curve is just a blip in the timeline of your life.  The true benefits of chiropractic care start AFTER correction occurs.  Computers, poor posture and repetitive stress all take a toll on your spine and mine.  That’s why I get adjusted every week and will for the rest of my life!
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