Don't turn summertime into summer health slump

Published June 4, 2019

Summer is a great time and almost everyone is excited for summer!  Summer is the time when most families go on vacation. However, let’s turn the tables and say, since summer schedules often change, especially for those with children or grandchildren, it’s more critical than ever to stay on track with your healthcare.

Don’t let change in schedules interrupt your health. As important as it is to enjoy your summer, when you lose your health, you can't ENJOY ANYTHING!!

Facts on Disease:
Disease knows NO BOUNDARIES.

  • Whether you are traveling out of the country or across town, no boundaries!


  • Regardless of race, gender or age, sickness doesn’t care!


  • ALL ‘dis-ease’ is caused by the body’s inability to deal with and heal from whatever you are exposed to!


  • Developing a cold or a child with an ear infection doesn’t care if you’re planning a party or a trip!

Disease DOESN’T TAKE A SUMMER BREAK or Thanksgiving or Christmas break for that matter.


  • Morning, noon or night, you guessed it, sickness just doesn’t care!  BUT WE DO!!!

Stay on track this summer by letting the office staff know you will be gone on vacation. They are MASTERS at finding SOLUTIONS to make sure your care stays on track which keeps you moving toward your health and away from sickness!

The research shows that within 14 days without an adjustment, irreversible degeneration and damage begins in the spine. Everyday you go beyond this, you are creating even more damage to the most important vital system in your body.

Your quality of your life and health depend on the functioning of your Nervous System!


  1. Rhythm&Momentum: Your body needs consistency when it comes to your appointments (just like going to the gym or eating right, but even more important than both). See front staff to make necessary changes to your days/times of the week for your appointments due to summer schedule change
  2. Lock It In: Bring your portable Home Rehab equipment with you on any summer vacations to maintain muscle memory, upon return from vacation we will add an extra visit to ensure your structure improves
  3. Family Time: Summer is a season to bring in your child for care now that school has a break. See the front desk staff to sign up for a discounted $25 appointment for your child or spouse!
  4. Catch Up: If you have fallen behind on your scheduled appointments use this time to get caught up, your body approves!

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