The 5 Essentials

We provide the most complete and effective way to establish real health through the 5 Essentials Healthcare Delivery System.

Through this system we find the causes of interference to your well-being, remove them and allow your body to begin functioning correctly again. The 5 Essentials give you the keys to unlocking the body’s own power so that it can return to a state of optimal health, naturally.


Your central nervous system is the master controller of your body. It controls all other systems in your body – digestive, reproductive, endocrine, cardiovascular and more. Proper spinal alignment ensures neurological supply and communication to every organ, tissue and cell in your body, leading to optimal function and healing. This is important to maintaining effective nervous system function and unlocks the body’s natural potential for optimal health, faster healing, and improved physical ability.


A nutrition plan that focuses on natural whole foods sustains your mental and physical well-being, aids in disease prevention, and helps you maintain an ideal weight.


It is your mindset that will ultimately influence your success. Understanding what true health really is, how to attain it and an action plan to live it out is critical to your success. We will help empower, encourage and educate you to take steps to a healthier lifestyle.


Regular exercise helps your body take in higher levels of oxygen, creating lean muscle and reducing fat, keeping both your body and mind healthy, which will help build your performance and increase your body’s ability to fight stress and illnesses.


Minimizing exposure and clearing the toxins from your body resets your body’s natural balance and allows it to function at its fullest potential. We will provide you with guidance on lifestyle choices to reduce the toxic load entering your system as well as a customized plan to detoxify your body safely and effectively. Toxic body burden testing is also available.
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